Community Groups

Our community or small groups are our Church’s main avenue for fellowship and mission outside of our worship times. Each group meets periodically to eat, enjoy each other’s company, and learn more about each other. The groups plan a missional outreach once every quarter to make sure the Church is engaging the community that God has placed us in. We have delivered water to the police station, conducted a clothes drive for a new thrift store in the 9th ward, worked at Second Harvest Food Bank, and been a part of many other ministry opportunities. Francis Schaeffer, the great Presbyterian philosopher and theologian, said once “Christian Community is the final apologetic of the Gospel.” Our goals for the community groups are to get out and make a difference within our city as well as take pleasure in the fellow believers we will spend eternity worshipping alongside. There are currently three community groups.

Community Group One- The College and Career age group is aimed at people ages eighteen and mid-thirties.


We would love to have you visit one of our small groups if you are interested. They are wonderful avenues to know us better and afford us an opportunity to meet and fellowship with you.


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